Carters Creek Watershed Water Quality

Project Work Plan

This project will first seek to encourage stakeholder participation through 1) stakeholder meetings and outreach events and 2) workgroup committee meetings. TWRI will then work with the stakeholders to draft their recommendations into the appropriate reports for both TIAER and TCEQ approval for possible inclusion into the draft Implementation Plan report.

Stakeholder Participation

Stakeholder Meetings: A minimum of three (3) stakeholder meetings and/or other outreach events will be hosted throughout the watershed and will focus on providing background information on the Carters and Burton Creeks TMDL Project. At these meetings, TWRI will rely on TIAER and TCEQ to prepare and present information regarding the TMDL. Specific technical and educational items of interest (to be determined by the stakeholders) and project status updates will be provided as needed by TWRI, TIAER, TCEQ and other necessary parties.

Workgroup Meetings: TWRI will work with TIAER and TCEQ to develop a list of recommended workgroups prior to first stakeholder meeting. TWRI will work with the stakeholders to develop technical workgroups to address specific areas within the TMDL. TWRI will host workgroup committee meetings throughout the year and engage workgroup members to assist and assess material in the development of the Implementation Plan. The number of workgroups will be determined by the stakeholders; the number of meetings per workgroup will be determined by the individual workgroups but groups will meet at least once per quarter, once workgroups are established.

Implementation Plan Development

TWRI will work closely with the workgroups to gather and finalize the information to be used in developing the Implementation Plan. Following workgroup approval of needed management recommendations, TWRI will utilize the TCEQ approved I-Plan outline and combine the information produced in the workgroups into a draft I-Plan.  Upon completion of the draft I-Plan, TWRI will submit the draft to the TCEQ project manager for review. The TCEQ reviewed I-Plan will then be posted for public comment and later approval by TCEQ.

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